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Campus Workshops and Boot Camps

Cultivate the Writer (CTW) is a comprehensive program designed to improve the writing proficiency and academic skills of budding scholars so that they can meet faculty expectations, earn advanced degrees, acclimate to higher education culture and publish in scholarly arenas. The CTW program equips graduate students at the early, mid and advanced stages of their programs with the competencies, strategies and resources needed to become scholars who have developed an authentic research voice.


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Selected Individual Workshop Topics

(more than 30 topics available)

■ Don't Write Too Soon: The Critical Skill of Organizing Ideas

■ First Things First: Selecting a Thesis that Sufficiently Reflects the Scope of Your Work

■ The Topic Funnel: Moving From Ideas to Research Worthy Topics

■ The Art of Revision: Asking the Right Questions to Strengthen Writing

■ The Struggle is Real: How to Establish an Authentic Research Agenda

■ You Want Me to Do What? Writing a Comprehensive Literature Review

■ Next Level Writing: Meeting Faculty Writing Expectations

■ Connect the Dots: Creating Cohesive Academic Writing

■ Writing Productivity: A Project Management Approach to Writing

■ Writing the Results: How to Present Research Findings

■ State it Succinctly: Strategies to Ensure Concise Writing

Boot Camp and Multi-Series Workshop Topics

○ “A Project Management Approach to Writing Your Dissertation” (all day or multi-day sessions for creating a productive writing regimen and presenting an organizational structure for each chapter).

○ Individual Workshop Topics

Thesis/Dissertation Writing Boot Camp

CTW offers half-day, all day and multi-day writing boot camps that facilitate finishing a thesis, dissertation or final writing project. Boot camps can be conducted onsite or partially onsite with virtual support.

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Revise Your Paper for Publication (workshop series)

Do you have course paper that a faulty member suggested that you publish, or are you an early tenure faculty member who has been intending to transform a former paper into an article? If so, this workshop series is for you. It guides participants, step by step, through the process of revising a course paper or dissertation chapter into a journal article. 

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Become a Grammar Guru: Master Problematic Writing Areas

(workshop series)

Often, scholars dread grammar; however, the English language is rule governed. Learning the rules of grammar can be done. This special topic series explains the common problematic areas of grammar.

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Get It Approved: The Necessary Components of a Thesis/Dissertation

This workshop provides participants with an overview of a thesis/dissertation proposal, its purpose and vital information for writing a proposal or prospectus that meets faculty expectations. 

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Scholars learn important academic skills, like conducting sound research. However, many are not exposed to skills valued in the workplace. This series presents valuable soft skills (interpersonal skills, presentation skills, conflict resolution technique or collaboration/teamwork). 

I Wasn't Taught That! Soft Skills that Employers Value (workshop series)

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Prepare Your Professional Dossier (workshop series)

Many scholars struggle to write about their education, expertise and professional experiences persuasively. This series explains how to identify then write about your unique brand with boldness, focusing on how each employment document should speak to and complement one another in order to present a professional brand.

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