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The Statistics 

It's true: becoming a proficient scholarly writer remains a challenge for master's students, doctoral students and early stage faculty members. In fact, approximately 50% of doctoral students who start a PhD program don’t earn their degree; unfortunately, many remain ABD (All But Dissertation). The Chronicle of Higher Education, the Council of Graduate Schools and the National Science Foundation publish articles and detailed reports on the low percentage of people who earn a doctorate each year.


Underdeveloped academic writing abilities should never be the reason a graduate student doesn’t earn a degree or a faculty member doesn't earn tenure. Research-based writing is an academic skill, so those willing to work and seek the help needed can receive the proper instruction, techniques and guidance to grow as research-based writers.

At Cultivate the Writer (CTW), we are dedicated to removing writing as a barrier to educational and professional success. We have a comprehensive program of campus-based workshops as well as an online-based center for writing development, editing services and academic writing coaching services to support scholars in writing about research effectively and publishing in academic arenas. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you or your university/organization to cultivate the writer within!

Develop As A Scholar

At Cultivate the Writer (CTW), we are committed to equipping graduate students and faculty members with the competencies, strategies and resources needed to become scholars who have developed

an authentic research voice. 

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● Campus Workshops

● Thesis/Dissertation boot camps, clinics and     institutes

● Professional Development Workshops

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● Thesis/dissertation project management guidance

● Customized Writing Services

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How to Thrive in Academia

Campus Workshop Topics

Become a Grammar Guru: Master Problematic Writing Areas (series)

Often, scholars dread grammar; however, the English language is rule governed. Learning the rules of grammar can be done. This special topic series explains the common problematic areas of grammar.

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Revise Your Paper For Publication (series)

Do you have course paper that a faulty member suggested that you publish, or are you an early tenure faculty member who has been intending to transform a former paper into an article? If so, this workshop series is for you. It guides participants, step by step, through the process of revising a course paper or dissertation chapter into a journal article.

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Prepare Your Professional Dossier (series)

Many scholars struggle to write about their education, expertise and professional experiences persuasively. This special series explains how to identify then write about your unique brand with boldness, focusing on how each employment document should speak to and complement one another in order to present a professional brand.

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Cultivate The Writer Workshops

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