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Cultivate the Writer (CTW) is the signature academic program of Chrysalis Consulting LLC, a professional development company that helps organizations train their people so they can achieve their educational, personal and professional goals. Chrysalis provides employment soft skills, academic writing/scholarly skill development and professional skill development training to government agencies, non-profits, corporations, universities and educational funds. To mission of Chrysalis is to provide a safe, protective atmosphere for growth and development.


Based in Tampa, Florida, Chrysalis first began offering professional development services to locally-based organizations, including the University of South Florida, the Corporation to Develop the Communities of Tampa, Johnson Controls and Revealing Truth Ministries. Since its inception in 2011, Chrysalis has expanded to organizations throughout Florida and the United States, including the United States Army Security Assistance Command, University of Alabama, the Bill Anderson Fund, University of  Florida, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, Loyola Marymount University-Los Angeles and University of Miami.


The name "Chrysalis" was inspired by a teacher's classroom board that showed the stages of development for a butterfly. In one of the most critical stages of the butterfly's transformation, the  board showed and explained the hard covering that protects the caterpillar as it develops into a butterfly. The protective hard covering, known as the chrysalis, reflects the mission of the company to provide a safe place for people to grow and gain the skills needed to excel as professionals.

Cultivate the Writer (CTW) is the branch of Chrysalis devoted to academic writing and scholarly skill development services. CTW is a comprehensive program that includes more than 30 individual workshops, thesis/dissertation writing boot camps and multi-series workshops offered to universities and educational funds as well as editing and coaching services for individuals within  academia. CTW assists budding scholars in developing an authentic research voice so they can publish in academic arenas. At Cultivate the Writer, we are committed to equipping scholars with the skills, strategies and resources needed to achieve their education and professional goals.


We look forward to cultivating the writer within you and those within your organization! 


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