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Common Writing Errors

For the past few weeks, I have been conducting writing webinars at new graduate student orientation for several universities. The excitement of new graduate students is truly contagious!

In this week's writing tip, I am focusing on new master's and doctoral students! I have composed a list of common writing mistakes made based on my years of work as an editor and writing coach. Typically, I offer this list (which includes a paragraph or two explanation of each error) to attendees at the end of writing workshop; however, below I have listed the top 7 errors. If you would like the full document that includes an explanation of each mistake, please email and request a copy of "Common Writing Errors." In the meantime, see if you make any of the mistakes below:

  1. Inconsistent Verb Tense

  2. Paragraph Length Thesis

  3. Redundancy

  4. Including Inessential Information

  5. Non-existent Transitions

  6. Unclear Pronoun Usage

  7. Comma Misusage

The quicker budding scholars become familiar with these common writing mistakes, the sooner they can learn to identify and eliminate these errors from their academic documents.

Happy writing,

Dr. V

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