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Read to Write Better!

Reading is essential to developing as a scholarly writer. When reading academic documents, you want to read for comprehension, but you should do so much more. As important as understanding what you read is grasping the writing conventions of your discipline. So, when reading any academic document, note the following elements:

  • How research is described

  • What methods are commonly used and why

  • How to write about/describe methodology

  • How to write results

  • How to share findings and present discussions

  • How to organize and structure scholarship

  • How to compose an introduction and/or conclusion

  • How to formulate research questions and/or hypotheses

  • How to incorporate literature

While this list is not all encompassing, it will ensure that your reading is targeted. As you pay attention to these elements while reading, you will begin to absorb the writing style expected within your discipline. Additionally, you will find entire documents or sections to model, and most importantly, you will become more confident and skilled as an academic writer.

Cultivating tip at a time!

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