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Keep Adjectives and Nouns Together

Today’s Topic: Don’t Separate Adjectives and Nouns

Sentence: EACH OF THESE INDIVIDUAL ORGANIZATIONS has a distinct approach to addressing employee morale.

Edited Sentence: EACH ORGANIZATION has a distinct approach to addressing employee morale.

Explanation: Conciseness is the ability to write what needs to be stated succinctly. In the example sentence above, nothing is incorrect with the sentence from a technical perspective. However, the adjective “each” is separated from the noun it describes by three words (of these individual). Yet, those three words do not add anything to the meaning of the sentence or description of the noun.

So, in the edited sentence, I deleted those three words to place the adjective before the noun it describes. When editing your academic documents, be sure not to interrupt adjectives from the nouns they describe if doing so doesn’t add anything to the sentence.

Until next week, Happy Writing!!!

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