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Put Transition Words in their Proper Position

Sentence: Community-engagement initiatives CAN THUS ACT as catalysts for community building and collective agency.

Edited Sentence: THUS, community-engagement initiatives CAN ACT as catalysts for community building and collective agency.

Explanation: Writers can improve the flow and expression of their ideas in numerous ways. One way is to place transitional words at the proper location for maximum comprehension and flow. Often, transitional words show the relationship between ideas, and proper placement of a transition makes the relationship clear.

As a transition word, “thus” indicates a cause and effect relationship. In the sample sentence above, the sentence before this sentence is the “cause,” and the sentence in this example shows the “effect.” The word “thus” helps the reader to see that relationship.

However, placing “thus” in the middle of the sentence does not make the relationship as clear. Additionally, it interrupts (or splices) the verb phrase “can result.” So, in the edited sentence, the word is moved to the beginning of the sentence to improve the flow of ideas from one sentence to the next as well as indicate the clear cause-effect relationship between the two sentences.

When editing your academic documents, be sure that the transitional words you used are placed in a spot of maximum readability and flow of ideas.

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