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The Art of Revision

In the writing process, revision is one of the most critical steps of academic writing. When you revise, you find and correct problems with content; in other words, you change the ideas in your writing to make them clearer, stronger and more coherent.

Revision is an art and a craft. Listed below are four questions to ask during the revision stage of the writing process to help you strengthen your academic documents.

1. What needs to be ADDED?

· What needs to be added to clarify ideas for the reader and ensure that the purpose of the document is achieved?

2. What needs to be REMOVED?

· Where is information repeated unnecessarily or unintentionally?

3. What needs to be MOVED?

· What information needs to be shifted and/or rearranged to improve the flow and organization of ideas for maximum understanding?

4. What needs to be SUBSTITUTED?

· What words and information need to be replaced to ensure a clear expression of ideas?

As you develop as a scholar, commit to mastering the art and craft of revision.

Until next week, Happy Writing!!!

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