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Have You Made Time to Write?

As a writing coach and workshop presenter who travels to various universities to share writing strategies, I've come to learn that many scholars lack a basic component needed to be productive: a writing schedule.

Most academics know when they have to teach, conduct office hours, eat, get to work, leave work, pick up the kids, walk the dog, sleep, etc.; however, they have not allocated dedicated times in their weekly schedules to sit down and write! They wait for inspiration, motivation or desire as looming deadlines draw closer and closer.

Having a writing schedule is an absolute necessity to be successful in academia, especially for scholars writing a thesis, dissertation, grant or article for publication. With so many competing demands on scholar's time, you have to commit to being inaccessible for a certain number of hours each week, just as if you were teaching.

I call it a writing schedule, but you can be working on any aspect of your project that will facilitate its completion, including researching, annotating sources, preparing charts or graphs and discussing the project or specific challenges with colleagues. The point is to set aside the same amount of hours on consistent days each week to work rather than waiting until you have nothing else to do. And, you have to eliminate all distractions and be inaccessible to the world!

So, if you don't have dedicated writing time, I challenge you to sit down and write out a schedule today. Or, email to be sent a writing schedule and project log to get you started.

Until next week...happy Writing,

Dr. V

Writing Coach-Editor-Speaker Author of I'm Not a Writer...I am Just in Graduate School (order your copy at

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