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Overcoming Writer's Block

Is writer’s block real? Some scholars don’t believe so; they attribute the notion of writer’s block to people who are too rigid in their writing approach, so when things don’t go the way they want or how it usually does, they don’t know how to adopt and end up stuck.

Nonetheless, I work with too many people who face the debilitating experience of not being able to write when they need or want to do so. Today, I want to share a strategy to overcome writer’s block: it’s called free-writing!

Free-writing it the act of setting a timer for a short period (five minutes or less) then writing for the entire time. The goal is to force yourself to write! You may not write what you want to write; in fact, you may have to repeatedly write, “I’m drawing a blank” or “I don’t know what to say.” However, you are disciplining yourself to write. Typically, after writing for a few seconds or even a minute, ideas and thoughts being to flow related to what you want to write.

Therefore, the next time you find yourself staring at a blank computer screen or piece of paper, don’t waste valuable time sitting there. Instead, set your time and start writing…just write!!! Remember, you won't always have the inspiration to write, but you can create the discipline to write!

Until next week, happy writing!!!

Dr. V Writing


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