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Take a Break: You Deserve it!!!

Academics are notorious for taking holidays to "catch up" or get "research and writing projects" completed. Unfortunately, this workaholic habit often develops in graduate school because some task is always looming; therefore, scholars feel guilty when not working.

On this Christmas Eve, I encourage each of you to take some down time over the next few weeks. Trust me, rest and breaks are critical during this journey.

So, today's writing tip is simple: step away from researching, annotating, the dissertation/thesis and anything else academic, with NO GUILT. Relax, rejuvenate and live in the moment, whether you celebrate Christmas, another holiday or deserve a break, so take one!

Though the article below is focused on scientists, it applies to everyone in academia. It took me years after finishing my PhD to learn how to live and enjoy life again, not work on every holiday and do so without feeling guilty! I encourage you to never develop this habit or break it before you finish graduate school.

Check out the NY Times Article: "There's No Winter Break from Publish or Perish"

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