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Use the Correct Verb Tense

Typically, academic writers describe their research in the future or past tense because they are either proposing research or explaining research findings they have completed. Writers can get so accustomed to using a certain verb tense that, at times, they use an improper tense in their documents. See the sentence below for an example.

Sentence: In this chapter, the details of research methodology WILL BE EXPLAINED. Edited Sentence: In this chapter, the details of the research methodology ARE EXPLAINED. While the use of future tense is appropriate for discussing proposed research, a chapter that exists should not be referred to in the future tense. Therefore, the sentence is edited to change it from future tense to present tense.

When editing, be sure that the verb tense you use in documents matches the past, present or future tense of the action being described. When introducing the contents of a chapter, writers should use the present tense since the chapter exists and is not being created.

Until next week, happy writing!

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