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What is Your Writing Intention?

As we start a new year, today’s topic focuses on the importance of a making a writing intention, especially if you’re writing a thesis, dissertation or other scholarly document. Rather than a goal, an intention involves a declaration of what you will do that includes a weekly commitment of working towards it.

Most graduate students make the mistake of not capturing time when transitioning from class or comp exams to writing a thesis/dissertation. If possible, you should commit to working the same amount of time as you were in class, at a minimum.

So, as you start a new year and academic semester, intend to establish a goal for the next 16 weeks regardless of where you are in your graduate program. Then, establish a weekly writing commitment that ensures you meet that goal. Realistically, do you have 5 hours, 10 hours, 15 hours or 20 hours to commit to meeting your goal? Are you going to work weekends, throughout the week or both?

You need to do several other things, like gaining some support and accountability as well as instituting rewards and consequences, to be successful in meeting your intention. However, the starting point is to make clear intention about what you will do!

Until next week, happy writing!

Dr. V

Writing Coach-Editor-Speaker

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